imageTips on How to Pack Your Books Efficiently

Tips on How to Pack Your Books Efficiently

20Aug 2010

Books should be packed properly if you want to preserve them. For one, books should be packed tightly in the box so shifting can be avoided. This would, in turn, help wrinkles and tears in your books. Nevertheless, prevention of damage begins on the preparation process. For instance, you should prepare sturdy boxes or durable storage boxes. Seal the bottom of the boxes well so they will not get torn while in transit. Simply fold the shorter flaps first and fold the longer flaps next. Keep the edges of the longer flaps as close as possible and tape them well with extra 5 inches tape on both edges. You should also segregate hard bound books from soft bound books. Then pack by subcategory and by height and weight as well. Make sure that all vacant spaces are filled with additional books and bubble wrap. The important thing is to avoid shifting so pack each box tightly. Do not get big boxes so as not to make each box too heavy to carry. Seal the top of each box tightly in the same manner as you sealed the bottom part. Tape the boxes crosswise too in order to provide more support for the weight of the books.

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