imageCheap and Effective Ways of Completing your House Removal

Cheap and Effective Ways of Completing your House Removal

30May 2013

When buying or renting a home there are many additional costs that can begin to add up until you are spending more than you anticipated. Saving money when doing a removal is a great way of saving a few extra pennies and pounds. These tips and suggestions will help you save money on some of the essential aspects of moving home.Removal firmsMost people will use a removal firm when moving home. Removal firms will help relocate your belongings from your old property to your new home. Using a removal company can be the cost effective way of this. There is a common misconception that using a professional firm will cost more than doing the work yourself. When you factor in renting a large vehicle like a van or truck, as well as fuel costs not to mention the extra time you will use when doing the work alone if can be more useful to use a removal firm. A removal company will be experts in moving your items in a fast efficient ways.  A tip you can follow to help a removal company is to stack your packed boxes as close to your front door as possible. Having your containers close to the front door will save the removal company a lot of time as they won’t have to walk through your home to collect things. Just following this simple step can save you the equivalent of hours of work on an already busy day. If you do choose to use a removal make sure you choose a firm that has received good reviews on removal websites. There are numerous comparison websites you can get impartial assessments of removal companies which should help you choose the best and cheapest option available to you. If you know any friends or family that have recently completed a move ask them their opinion of the removal firm they used. There is no better way of making a decision than referencing from firsthand experience. Also it you’re lucky you might get some kind of discount for repeat custom.Complete the removal yourselfAs mentioned earlier completing a move yourself is an option and can potentially save you money. If you choose to complete a move by yourself you may find you have to put a little more work in than if you allowed a removal firm to complete the move. If you choose to complete the move yourself you will have to find a place to rent a vehicle large enough to carry all your belongings. You may find that you are limited to the size of the vehicle you can rent as larger trucks can require to specialist licence. If you are only able to rent a small van you may find you have to make multiple trips, which when you factor in fuel prices can result in the removal costing more than you had hoped. If you have a friend or family member who has a van, and they don’t mind lending it to you, you can save a little that way by avoiding rental costs. Also if you have a friend or family with a HGV licence and they are willing to help, you may be able to rent a larger vehicle so you can carry more in one trip, saving on fuel.

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