image10 Tips Seniors MUST Know about Moving Companies

10 Tips Seniors MUST Know about Moving Companies

19 February 2016

10 Tips Seniors MUST Know about Moving Companies


Senior Moving Tips

Moving can be very stressful to senior people like your parents. Therefore, apart from helping them, you have to let them informed as well about the 10 practical moving tips they need to know. It is your job to always remind them about these tips in case they forget—these tips serve as their reminders as well.

1. Ask them to plan ahead of time. Planning is a must, and with their long years, they know this very well. But, the crucial thing is: you plan ahead to let them adjust in the future changes they will experience when moving process takes place.

2. Don’t be in a hurry and take things slowly, one at a time—as much as possible at the pace of your seniors. You have to talk to them and remind them about the plans you already established and don’t insinuate anything about making things fast. Give them the time they need.

3. Take pictures of the new house and if possible even the floor plan of the house. If they will approve, design your new house using the design of your old house so that adjusting will be easy to your old folks.

4. Be patient about the entire process. It is possible that you will encounter some problems like issues on where to put this and that but take your cool. As much as possible be tolerant about dealing with such problems because it wouldn’t make any good to take things the harsh way.

5. If you can not be patient or if you certainly need more hands to work with, hire moving services. There are many moving companies waiting for you to ask their help and all you need to do is take things professionally. There are moving companies that specialize in moving with seniors.

6. If your old folks have pets, don’t leave them in your old house. Bring them with you and you will give your parents happiness—you know they will be so grateful about it. Make sure that the new place also allows pets so that you can bring your parents’ dog or cat legally.

7. Hire moving companies to offer storage rooms. If you can not dispose some of your things and can not bring them in your new home you might as well place them in rental storage units. This will truly save you time and ease your stress.

8. If you are disposing your things away, you can take photos of them as souvenirs—because your parents might miss them one day.

9. Prepare the new place by setting it up ahead of time. You have to make sure that your new home is cleaned and properly installed with utilities.

10. Before finally moving in the new place, make sure that you have visited the place two to three times. Bring with you your parents so they can familiarize themselves with the place as well.


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