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K. Rogers
I just got accepted as a teacher in this university where I have always wanted to work, and I am happy to report that London Movers did an excellent job at helping me move my possessions to the accommodations provided for me. The movers were friendly and they seem to know exactly what they are doing. Great job!
C. Adams
This is just a quick e-mail to tell you that my wife and I really appreciate the help that you gave in moving our things last month. We are happily settled in our new place now, and we do not think that the move would have been as efficient, quick and hassle-free if not for London Movers. Thanks!
E. Cassidy
The first removals company that I contacted had a mix-up with a schedule, saying that they can only move my stuff after a week! But the new occupants of the apartment are ready to move in the next day – so I really thank Removals London for saving us the last minute. They were more than happy to move all my things to my new apartment. As for the other company, I would not dream about contacting them again.
N. Jones
We used your services last March and I could not find fault. London Removal is one of the best removals companies out there. Friendly staff, strong movers, fast and efficient service. Most of all, they carefully handle other peoples possessions which I think is the most important part.
T. Smithson
I also work in the service industry and I know that no matter how good a job you do, you will hardly hear thanks from customers. But no matter how little the problem is, you will hear COMPLAINTS! That is why I am more than happy to share with your other customers the excellent experience that I had dealing with Removal London. They helped me move three years worth of stuff from my old apartment to my new house I do not think I could have done it without them! Great job!!!
Mrs. B. Withers
I usually do not let my husband handle stuff like contacting the movers but I was in such sorry shape with all the packing that I had to do that I let him decide which company to get in touch with. I am so happy that he took it upon himself to contact London Removal, because there was nary a scratch on any of the fragile stuff that we had. You guys were excellent!
K. Morris
The first clue that I had that the guys from London Removal knew what they were doing was when the movers did not even blink when they saw the bulk of boxes and whatnots that I had to move. They did such a swift and excellent job that I am sorry I did not have to move more often!
A. Curtis
From the minute that you give them a call, you will speak with a friendly representative from London Removal who will provide you with an estimate of the moving costs. Once you decide to hire them, you will see just how experienced those movers are. Truly, I could not find fault from the removals services that I received from you guys. Right now, I am still unpacking what is left of my stuff but I am still marvelling at the phenomenal job that you guys did at packing and moving my things. I can not thank you enough!
I. Ivler
London Removals is simply great. I do not think that I would have gone through the move as quickly as I have without their help. Their staff is excellent, their rates are good and I was told that they have extensive experience in the business so I am not surprised at all that they did an excellent job.
H. McQuay
I am one heck of an organizer and I am glad that London Removals is the same. When I had to move, I put clear labels on each box and obsessively explained my system to the movers. They were enough of a sport to accommodate all my requests, that the move was so organized and over with in almost an instant minus all the hassles! I am thankful for all your help and professionalism.
O. Hatcher
Where else can you find a company who provides you with cartons, wardrobe boxes and even a tape gun when you hire them to pack your things? Only London Removals does that, and they did an excellent job at transporting our things when we had to move from one home to another. They are definitely one of a kind, and I am more than happy to spread the word about their service to my friends and family.
F. Kelly
What else can I say but a sincere thanks for all the help that you guys have provided me with. Through London Removals, the office move that my business partners and I had to make was over with so quickly that there was no time wasted in between. They were right on schedule and their rates are like no other!
G. Morris
London Removals really offers customers like myself a great deal in one moving package. Starting from the full or partial packing services that they have, up to the move itself and the unloading of your things from the truck all these are done professionally and efficiently that you can not find a fault to complain about. I will definitely hire you in case I need to move again.
D. Cain
We used Removal London in January. I could not even believe that they were able to squeeze us in with what I know is a tight schedule after the holidays but they did an excellent job of moving all our stuff to our new home. Thanks a bunch!
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