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Is planning for your CR2 home move daunting and exhausting?. Perhaps you need a little extra help with packing, or you need to store that old rusty mattress or that fine artwork. If so, then we are the moving company for you. At London Removals, we pride ourselves on our convenience and expertise when it comes to house moves. We are a full-service moving company and we offer storage facilities, packing support, transportation and moving services. We can help you pack, as we supply boxes, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes and thick tape for sealing boxes. If you would prefer that we do the packing, then our professional and friendly staff is here to help. We know exactly how to pack boxes so belongings are not damaged and everything is organized during the move. Our staff will help disassemble furniture and wrap your sofas and bed with appropriate covers so they are not damaged during the CR2 move. We can help move heavy boxes and larger furniture down stairs and through corridors so you don’t have to stress and strain to do so. Our man and van service is door to door, and our trained staff can carefully load and unload all your belongings into and out of the moving van. So, if you are looking for a professional service for your home move to postcode CR2, then call us today at 020 8811 8933 and receive a free quote!

Your CR2 removal company services the London Borough of Croydon, specifically South Croydon, Sanderstead, Selsdon and Addington which is located approximately 11 miles southeast Charing Cross. South Croydon is the area surrounding the valley of central Croydon. It is largely a residential area, built to accommodate an increase in population within central Croydon. Croydon itself was established as early as 809 AD and has a rather rich history. South Croydon as a distinct area wasn’t developed until the 19th century, when it was created as a residential suburb. The area contains many landmarks, including the Swan and Sugarloaf Public House, St. Peter’s Church and the South Croydon Bus Garage. It offers a number of green spaces, including the Purley Way Playing Fields. It also offers good public transportation including a number of railway links and bus stops. Sanderstead is a village in Croydon which was originally a farming village. Today, it has become a residential village for commuters to central London and central Croydon. It contains a number of Grade I listed buildings including the All Saints Church which dates from the 13th century. Selsdon is a suburb which was developed predominately during the 1920’s and 1930’s. It too is largely residential, but 200 acres have been set aside as a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, giving the area a rural charm. This area is now called Selsdon Wood and it consists of five large meadows surrounded by extensive woodland. This area also contains the Selsdon Park Hotel, which is a luxury hotel and a country house during the 20th century. Addington is a small village which contains one of the oldest churches, St Mary the Blessed Virgin, built in 1080. It also has a cricket club which is one of the oldest in all England.

Don’t hesitate to get a head start on your home move to postcode CR2. At London Removals we can provide that helping hand to help get your move on its way. And don’t forget to contact the Borough of Croydon to reserve a parking space outside your new residence. This important for the transport process, as it will ensure that your belongings get unloaded into your new residence quickly and carefully and there are no traffic hold-ups during the process. So call us today at 020 8811 8933 to see how we can assist your home move.

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