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Bermondsey man and vanThere is a lot to think about when you decide to move to a new house or office. Booking a Bermondsey removal company or a man and van service for your move can help to take a weight off your shoulders. London Removals is a removal service that is a cut above the rest, as we offer a wide range of services that you can pick and choose from to suit your moving needs.

The collection of services our company has consists of facilities such as: transport (both local and abroad), storage, man and van services, removal assessment, and clean-up of used packaging materials. We can also provide you with packaging materials and have hard-working crews of various sizes at our disposal. If you would like more information on our services and/or to book our company for your move, then please call 020 8811 8933 or visit our website.

Bermondsey lies within the London Borough of Southwark and has SE1 and SE16 postcode districts. Other areas that are situated near Bermondsey include: Shad Thames, Southwark, Peckham, Newington, and Walworth. Bermondsey is thought to be named after ‘Beornmund', which is an Old English name. The ‘-ey' is thought to come from the Old English ‘eg', meaning ‘island'. This suggests that Bermondsey actually means Beornmund's island. However ‘eg' can also mean ‘place by a stream or river' and therefore the area might not have been an island.

The area of Bermondsey is home to attractions like Bermondsey Spa Gardens and Bermondsey antiques market. Bermondsey Spa Gardens is a park in the area that is situated on Grange Road. The park was recently closed and redeveloped, with new lighting, paths, play equipment, and more put in. On top of this, the Ellen Brown Bermondsey Play Centre was also built during the time of the refurbishment. The Bermondsey antiques market, known officially as the New Caledonian Market, is situated at Bermondsey Square. Its location was once where Bermondsey Abbey was situated.
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Bermondsey also happens to be located near to a range of other attractions, such as Tower Bridge, London Dungeon, Shad Thames, Miloco Studios, and more.  As well as being well situated in terms of attractions, Bermondsey also has many claims to fame. Many famous people have lived or still live in the area. The list of famous people consists of Alfred Marshall (an Economist, wrote Principles of Economics), Tommy Steele (entertainer), Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrat), and David Haye (Boxer, World Heavy Weight Champion).

On top of this, the area of Bermondsey has many transport links, including a wide selection of railway links. Stations in the area include: South Bermondsey station, London Bridge station, Rotherhithe station, and Surrey Quays station. There are also various Underground links, including: Bermondsey tube station, Canada Water tube station, Borough tube station.

Bermondsey is a location that has good transport links and plenty of attractions. The area has various removal and storage services available to those who are moving to the area. However, if you wish your move to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, then book your move with London Removals. Our company seeks to fulfil all your moving needs and support you throughout your move. We can even supply you with a moving checklist, so that you know nothing is forgotten in the move. One important thing to remember is to reserve a parking space in front of your new property. This will ensure the moving vehicle has somewhere to park and can prevent fines from the local council. To book a space, visit the Borough of Southwark's website.

Postcode SE16, SE1, E1 nearby postcodes SE8, SE14, SE15, E14, EC3

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