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Professional Packing Services

London Removals prides itself on offering a completely comprehensive range of removals services and that includes wrapping and boxing things up! It can be not only a laborious task but can often prove very expensive if items are not carefully packed before your relocation. It also makes a difference to how our vehicles can be loaded and we can maximise space when everything is well-prepared for moving.

You’ll be really surprised at how cost-effective our packing services are.


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Experienced Movers and Packers

Saving time and money

In our experience, we find that when people undertake all aspects of relocation themselves it actually wastes time and money.

Packing Materials

We bring the supplies

Our removals teams are all equipped with all the packing supplies required for most jobs. We use bespoke removal boxes which are stackable when packed so that we can efficiently load our vehicles.

Bespoke Removal Boxes

Professional packing

Your items are also much safer in transit when they are packed professionally. We will even offer you additional insurance to give you peace of mind that your things are protected in transit.

Breakage Protection

We protect your items

Why risk breakage or damage when our prices for a professional packing service are so low? It makes no sense! Call London Removals today for a free estimate!

We’ll help you make a checklist!

Organisation and planning is essential with any relocation or even if you are just moving a few items.
Before dealing with the packaging of your property, we suggest you prepare a moving checklist so that you deal with everything in a logical order. When you are dealing with relocation you have many things to think about and so a moving checklist is invaluable.

Relocation Services
Moving Boxes for Hire

Before letting us pack your moving boxes, you can use the opportunity to streamline your possessions so that you are only moving what you really want and need in your new home. By following this checklist, when we get to the wrapping, boxing and packaging part, we will know exactly what we’re dealing with. We’ve had our prices cut in half recently and so we know we can do you a great deal! Call 020 8811 8933 today, without delay and we’ll even give you a discount too!


Don’t lose track of your things when you’re on the move!

Professional Packing Service

Our professional packing teams have been working in London for years ensuring a professional packaging service is delivered at all times.
We have dealt with complicated relocations over the years and never once lost track of any items.
We know that you have to remember that you have to unload at the other end!

Packing ChecklistThat means We make sure everything is labelled with the contents and

Packing ServicesWe know which room of the property they are heading for.

Professional Packing ServiceIt’s easy sometimes to just throw things into cardboard boxes and hope for the best. We know better! For a professional packing service you can trust 100%, call us today!

Professional Packing ServiceWe offer a no nonsense money back guarantee!

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We have all the relevant trade policies in place to ensure the contents of our vehicles are as covered as the vehicle itself.

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We Can Protect Your Large Items in Transit Too!

Our locally based packaging team has dealt with just about everything you can imagine. From small, antique ornaments with delicate features through to large, heavy wooden furniture units. If our packers are unable to get things into a box, they will wrap them in appropriate materials to within an inch of their life! Large items can have delicate corners and edges protected with careful wrapping. Why risk breakage or damage of your things for the want of a little bubble wrap!

You also have to remember that you may have to negotiate narrow corridors, stairwells or lifts at either end of the job and that’s where a lot of damage happens. Make sure you don’t waste money and call 020 8811 8933 and book an appointment today! Our unique money back guarantee is there to ensure you get maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

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