imageYour Project Manager and His Role in Office Removals

Your Project Manager and His Role in Office Removals

29Dec 2009

Large offices need project managers who will help in office removals. A project manager may come from within the company. At times, you may also hire other individuals.   The basic task of the project manager is to help deal with contractors. He can help you contact moving companies who will perform most of the moving tasks. Other than these basic responsibilities though, your project manager has other roles to play.   The roles of a project manager in an office move   The various tasks of the project manager when it comes to the move include the following:   1. He takes charge of drafting the moving checklist. He makes sure that all essentials are properly listed on the draft.   2. He creates a timetable as well. If you have enough time before moving day, the PM may then create a schedule. The schedule includes what should be done six months, four months or a month before the move. Each accomplished task should be checked accordingly.   3. He coordinates with other employees. The project manager can oversee the entire office removal process. Whilst doing so, he makes sure that every employee exerts an effort for the success of the move.   4. He takes charge of problems that may arise in the process. At times, he may foresee the problems that may happen. Upon anticipation of these problems, he will prepare the corresponding solutions for each.   The PM should be present before, during and after the move. If you will assign one, make sure that he is more than willing to fulfil his tasks. Choose one who can make sacrifices for the project.

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