imageWhile Waiting for Your Things to Arrive

While Waiting for Your Things to Arrive

19Oct 2009

It happens. You move in with your things yet to be delivered to you. This scenario is so common for state-to-state or abroad moving. If you're in this situation also, there's no need to actually buy new stuffs just to get by in a week or two. There are different remedies that can help you be comfortable in a house without anything you can use.
Here are some helpful tips you can consider while you are waiting for your things to arrive:
   Consider buying camping beddings if you have nowhere to sleep. The best about camping beddings is that they are just enough to give you a comfortable sleep. Plus, you can always keep it when your things arrive and save it for later use.
   Consider buying air mattresses. Unfortunately for some, they are not used to lying on a hard surface. The best solution for them is an air mattress. This can be as comfortable as your bed and you only need few minutes to inflate it using a pump. You don't also need to inflate it every time you need a bed because it can stay air-full for days. When your things already arrive, you can simply let the air out, fold it, and save it for future use.
   Eat out if you don't have any cooking utensils in the house. If you do have your cooking necessities, then the better. You can try frying hotdogs, eggs, bacon, or ham just to get by for a day or two. You can also try boiling some vegetables for better nutrition. But if being a cook is your worst you, then just eat out.
Just be resourceful and you will surely survive weeks or even months without your luxurious necessities in life.

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