imageWhich Things Should Be Discarded When Moving?

Which Things Should Be Discarded When Moving?

13Jan 2010

One easy way to save money during a move is to give away or sell some of your things so you won't have much to bring. Of course, you should not do this randomly. You need to sort things in an organized manner.   For instance, you should consider which clothes you still need. If you have not used them in over a year you may not even use them again. It would be better if you just give them away. Or better yet, you could sell them so you will even raise money for the move.   Old magazine and newspapers should be recycled. Some of them can even be used as padding when  packing. If you have extra, you can donate them. You should also discard toys that kids no longer use. You can sell them in garage sales or you can auction them on eBay.   If would be better if you could visit you new home. This way, you would know which household equipment and accessories you will need in there. This will also help you decide which furniture would fit your new home and which ones you need to replace.   By discarding the things you no longer need, you would cut the number of things to bring in about half. You would need much lesser packing materials and space for transportation. You may even have extra bucks for your other expenses.      

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