imageWhat Your Removals To-Do List Should Contain

What Your Removals To-Do List Should Contain

25Sep 2009

When moving houses, it is important that your new house is ready to be occupied and your old home is closed properly. This means that you should make sure that minor and major repairs should already be done before your move. It is easier to accomplish this before tons of your stuff gets there. Plus there would also be lesser things to worry about.
Of course, utilities should ready as well. You should make sure that everything is already connected when you get there. It would very inconvenient if there is no electricity, telephone, cable or Internet. So if you will be using the same utility providers, make sure that connections have already been transferred. Meters should also be read on the day of your move. If you need to get another service provider you should close your account with your current one. It's important that you make arrangements and settle these things early since some providers may need to do some paperwork too.
It is also imperative that you inform your other services and subscriptions about your change of address. This way you will be able to get your next subscription or your next bill and bank statements from banks and other card issuers.
If you live in a condo or an apartment, you must make sure that you have reserved parking spaces and the elevator so your move will go smoothly. You should do this both on your old building and in your new place as well. Again making arrangements with the building personnel early would enable you to be prepared and to have a less-stressful move.

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