imageWhat You Should Not Pack Whilst Moving

What You Should Not Pack Whilst Moving

11Dec 2009

Packing for a move entails packing of all your belongings. However, there are some items which you cannot ship. These rules and regulations are governed basically to provide for a safe move:
1.  Though you may do your packing, some things are better packed by professional like exercise equipment. This is better packed by professionals.
2.  You cannot pack flammable, explosive or corrosive items like acid, charcoal, liquid bleach, cleaning fluid, ammonia lamp oil, week killer or loaded weapons. Get rid of old stock and buy something fresh in the new location instead.
3.  Perishables like food and plants that may die in transit should be disposed of. Make sure you empty our refrigerator at least 24 hours before loading.
4.  Appliance doors should be kept open for drying and prevention of mould and odour.
5.  Perishables may be transported by some movers only if they are properly packed, has no need of servicing during transit and its delivery is within 24 hours and less than 150 miles.
6.  Movers don't accept some articles, basically irreplaceable and sentimental items like car keys, deeds, school records, check books and jewellery for transportation. In fact, they don't even assume any responsibility of such items that come into their possession without their knowledge. These items should be carried with you as though its loss may not cause any threat, it can create problems if the shipment gets delayed or lost.

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