imageWays to Make Your College Student's Move Easier

Ways to Make Your College Student's Move Easier

21Oct 2010

As a parent, you may be emotional about letting you child go away for college. But this is something that is inevitable. And so you should make the best of the situation instead. You may begin by telling and making your child feel that you are proud of their accomplishment so far. You can also help them prepare their move. As a parent, you may have some foresight to their needs. But you have to make them feel responsible for the move. Instead of taking the lead, you should instead ask what they want to bring and simply help them pack and shop for their needs. Make a suggestion here and there but do so subtly.   You can drive them to their campus. But leave as soon as they are settled. This will help them get adjusted faster and even avoid any embarrassment on their part. Anyway, there might be dorm or campus orientation activities to help them. They might also want to feel more independent. Nevertheless, tell them your house is still open for them either along the drive or before you leave. You may also surprise your kid with a kit filled with goodies and some essentials. By doing so, you are still showing your support without being too melodramatic.      

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