imageUnpacking Glasses and Other Fragile Furniture

Unpacking Glasses and Other Fragile Furniture

14Dec 2009

 Unpacking glasses and fragile furniture is just a simple science. Here's the formula: technique + caution.
It is a smart tactic that you label the boxes containing brittle and fragile items with "caution: fragile stuff inside" or something to mean the same. In this way, the people who'll be unloading your stuff from the moving truck will put extra caution whilst they carry these boxes.
Open the "fragile" boxes in the room where you will put the items inside. Since you just moved to a new home, there are things scattered everywhere such that walking around it is like walking in a maze. If you don't unpack the fragile stuff in the room where they're supposed to stay, you have to walk in the maze whilst you carry the item to its rightful place. As you cross this labyrinth, you might accidentally bump into a box you weren't able to see. Then, you might drop the fragile item.
Unpack your fragile stuff from their respective boxes. In this way, if by chance, the item slips your grip, it will land on some packing material, newspaper or a bubble sheet, and thus it will not break. Doing this reduces the risk of you breaking them.
And of course, always keep in mind that you ought to work keenly and carefully.
This formula assures you of 0% loss of glassware and furniture through breakage.

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