imageTips When Planning for an Organized Packing

Tips When Planning for an Organized Packing

05Aug 2009

Tips When Planning for an Organized Packing Packing, they say, is the most difficult and most important in the moving process. This is the most difficult because you will spend almost 70 percent of your moving time on packing. This is the most important because without proper packing, you might have improper loading, transportation, and unloading of your stuffs. So before you disregard the power of packing, read the following tips and make sure to follow these:  Give a realistic time-frame for the packing. You need more or less 160 hours for the packing. You can do that through devoting your weekends or vacation times for the packing.  Involve with the packing. Help your kids or partner feel that they are part of the moving process. Do this through asking them to help you with the packing. A good way that you can do this is through appointing them to pack their things in their own rooms. But before you give them the boxes and masking tapes, make sure to orient them on how to properly pack things.  Start with the least important things. Leave those things that you use for everyday like kitchen utensils and some clothes in the last day of packing.  Collect packing materials. Boxes, masking tapes, plastic bags, plastic containers, and used papers are just some of the things you need for packing. Just collect these things instead of buying new ones from your local store. You will save a lot of money from that, for sure.  Have a target date for the packing. Talk with your family and devise the best time frame for the packing. Make sure not to be idealistic when making your time frame. Carefully follow these tips and your packing will surely be a successful one.

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