imageTips to Avoid Problems with a Roommate

Tips to Avoid Problems with a Roommate

06Dec 2009

Are you dreading the thought of having a roommate?  Unless you can afford to have your own flat or condo, you may have to face the fact that you will share a room with someone if you get a shared apartment or dorm.  Here are some practical tips that could help avoid roommate problems.    If you have the chance, it is best if you can share a room with someone you know.  You can avoid lots of troubles if you will share a room with your friends or someone you know already.  If this is not possible, you must spend a few moments with your prospective roommates to find out if you can get along with them.    It is best if you and your roommates can agree on certain rules. Things like doing house chores, sharing some items, and cleaning tasks should be discussed with your roommates. If the rules are laid out, then you will not encounter much trouble sharing a room with anyone.    Lastly, if you really can not strike a good living relationship with a roommate, then you will be better off having your own room.  It is more expensive but you will enjoy more privacy and peace.   

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