imageTips on Wine and Liquor Transportation

Tips on Wine and Liquor Transportation

10Feb 2010

Wines and liquor require special attention if you want to transport them safely. But before you even start buying packing materials, assess whether it is really worth the trouble. If you only have a few bottles and they are not even that rare or valuable then you should just give them away instead.
On the other hand, if you have an extensive collection of good wine and liquor and you've decided to bring them with you, you should get the most appropriate boxes and other packing materials. You should start with your choice of moving boxes. The best option for your wine collection is a wine bottle box. This type of box is equipped with Styrofoam so that your wine bottles will snugly fit. The Styrofoam would at the same time serve as the cushion too so your wines would have the least chance of breaking. You could also purchase cell boxes. These boxes have divisions for the wines so the bottles will not bump each other during transit. For longer drives you should still fill the spaces in between each cell so movement would not be allowed during travel. You could use bubble wrap, newsprint and even clothing to provide some cushion. Of course, you can virtually use any sturdy moving box. Just roll each bottle in several layers of bubble wrap, and tape the top and bottom edges before putting each in the box. Again fill spaces to avoid bumping and movement. Always make sure that boxes are sealed and reinforced at the bottom and at the top as well.
Take note too that wines usually need to be stored at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. For long distance travel vehicles with climate control is best. Alternatively, you could also pack the wines in coolers full of dry ice.

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