imageTips on How to Make Moving Your Furniture Easier

Tips on How to Make Moving Your Furniture Easier

27Mar 2010

Furniture can be big and heavy. That is why it usually takes more than one person to lift and load them to the vehicle. Still, carrying furniture can be back breaking. So, you need the right tools to make lifting easier for you and your helpers. This is essential especially if you are doing the move yourself.

For instance, you can buy some moving sliders to make loading easier and even lighter for you. Instead of having to lift the furniture you can easily slide the slides underneath the furniture. The friction will be at minimum this way too. You will not have to strain your back and you would not risk damaging your floor either.
Alternatively, you can also use broom handles instead of sliders and simply roll the furniture at the base. You could also use a rag or a carpet as a slider. With a carpet underneath you can simply push the furniture to the door instead of carrying it all the way. To make things easier, do not stop midway. Just keep on pushing until the doorway. If you are moving a bookshelf though make sure you empty it first. Moving your furniture would be easier if there are no obstructions along the pathways. And if you have to lift some furniture always lift starting from legs first to avoid backaches.

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