imageTips on How to Help Children Cope and Accept the Move

Tips on How to Help Children Cope and Accept the Move

26Aug 2010

Moving neighborhoods is really very difficult and even painful for children. After all, they would be leaving the only place they've known as their home. It's where they feel most secure. They would also be leaving their friends. And they are also afraid of being an outsider in their new place. So if you get some resistance, this is quite normal especially from teens.
The thing is you cannot surprise them. Instead, you should inform them about the move as soon as it is decided. Give them the reasons why you need to move. Give them a chance to air the side though. However, if the move is really quite necessary you have to be firm but gentle too.
Talk about it some more and even tell them things about the new place that will excite them. For instance, if your kids love horses you could tell them you would be nearer to a ranch so they can horseback ride more often. Help them establish contact with friends too. You can help them register to social networks, for instance. You could also help them make an address book. As a souvenir of your old home, you can also assist them in making a scrapbook. Then you can also hold a going away party for them so they can say their proper goodbyes to old friends.

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