imageTips on Choosing Appropriate Moving Boxes

Tips on Choosing Appropriate Moving Boxes

07Nov 2009

Moving boxes are definitely needed when moving. And you cannot just use any box for all your belongings. Take note that every type of item needs a different kind of box. If you want to ensure the safety of your belongings you definitely must invest on appropriate boxes.
Where to Buy Boxes
There are shops that specialize on selling moving boxes. Of course, removal companies also sell moving boxes so it's easy to find some. The Internet is also complete of all kinds of moving boxes. You can even find secondhand boxes online too.
How Many Boxes You Need
Since you would be sorting your things before you pack, it would be a good time to list the kinds of boxes you will need. Then you could also make an estimate on how many boxes you will need.
Size and Durability
The durability of the box is very important as it should be able to hold your belongings without tearing until it arrives your destination. It's also important that you limit the weight of every box to 50 lbs. to ensure this.
Heavier items are better packed in smaller boxes. Lighter and not very delicate items can go to bigger boxes. But then you should not get very big boxes so they will be easier to lift, load and unload.
Some items need special moving boxes. For example, glasses should be packed in boxes with dividers. Clothes can be packed in wardrobe boxes for more protection.
All of these you have to consider. While saving money is important, do not be too stingy when buying boxes for your belongings.

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