imageTips of How to Move Sleeper Sofas

Tips of How to Move Sleeper Sofas

16Oct 2009

Many individuals have sleeper sofas because they are space savers. Using one creates more space in a room for other stuff. You are also able to move around with ease because of this. Of course, many households also have a sleeper sofa as a spare bed for guests. However, since older models generally are heavy and bulky it requires an amount of attention to pack it. Lifting it even requires manpower too.   Preparing Sleeping Sofas for Transport   Before you can tie everything in, you must first remove the cushions. Then using a twine or a rope you must tie the bed to the sofa to keep it in place during the transport. If you have a leather sofa bed, you must first protect it with a towel before tying it.   Transportation of Sleeping Sofas   Simply tilt the sleeper sofa to its back. Together with a friend or a helper lift it by the metal handle. Protect yourself by wearing a back brace too. Wear gloves to have an excellent grip on the sleeper sofa.   To fit it through the door, maneuver and turn it to its narrowest side. If it still does not fit the door, you can remove the legs of the sofa bed. But if it's still too big, you may have to remove the front door for awhile.   This may seem tedious but it will certainly do the job. You will be able to bring your sofa bed out and bring it to your new home.    

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