imageTips How to Unpack Efficiently After a Move

Tips How to Unpack Efficiently After a Move

24Jul 2012

When you organize your relocation you usually put all your efforts on the packing and transportation of your belongings. When you are running around packing everything you never think about the unpacking. Although, this is the last step of relocation it is as essential as the others. It's easy to wrap, put things into boxes and tape them up. But once you  reach your new destination you may find it difficult to track where your belongings have gone. Everything can turn into a complete chaos. To prevent all this you should carefully organize the unpacking process and develop a strict plan how you will proceed. This way you can ensure yourself a smooth final of your relocation process and thus save yourself lots of frustrating and stressful moments. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure yourself an efficient unpacking.

Efficient unpacking begins with good and well-organized packing. When you give yourself enough time to carefully pack your belongings you automatically ensure yourself a faster and easier unpacking. You have to keep this in mind when you start to plan your relocation. While you are putting your belongings into boxes mark them with  the area of the house where each one should go. For example, pack all your clothes together in one box and label it "bedroom - clothes". This will help you to put them in the correct room when you get to your new place. This way you can easily start to unpack in accordance with your plan.
The first box that you should unpack is the one with the essentials. It is good to put it last in the van so it will be the first unloaded at your new place. No matter what your essential belongings are make sure you have medications and bathroom supplies in this box and everything you need during your first couple of hours in the new place.

So once you find yourself in your new home with all the boxes placed in the rooms you have to start the real unpacking. You'd better begin the whole process of unpacking and organizing your new home by figuring out the lay out of your furniture. The large pieces that should be assembled have to be on its positions once you have idea about the disposition of the furniture. Every piece of furniture needs to be set up before you start opening the boxes. Then you have to plan the unpacking of each room. Only after you finish with one room you should start to unpack another. This way you will have a finished room before you start a new one instead of half unpacked boxes in each room. It is smart to start with the kitchen. This way you will be able to prepare food for your family or a cup of coffee for your helpers. Then continue with the bedrooms. Let every family member to unpack and organize his own bedroom. And finally unpack the living room. If you have a garage it should be the last to unpack because it is usually stacked with items that you do not use often.

If you organize the packing in such an order you will most definitely experience a fast and efficient unpacking process. Better you organize this step faster you will unpack, faster you unpack sooner you will be able to enjoy the new place. So do not underestimate the importance of this step of the relocation and handle it with proper care and attention. The unpacking might not be that difficult if you make a detailed plan in advance.

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