imageTime Management: Avoid Delays and Maximize Output During Domestic Removals

Time Management: Avoid Delays and Maximize Output During Domestic Removals

13Nov 2012

What is the one thing that everyone wishes they had more of when it comes to relocating to a new home? That's right: time. We all wish we had more time to pack, more time to have planned the whole thing better and more time to have taken care of all our little chores and responsibilities. Yet, it seems to be the one resource that all of us run short of close to the moving day. Instead of getting completely overwhelmed by the moving process, follow the tips given below to avoid any time delays and get the most out of your planning. This way, you can move into your new home completely stress-free.

If you are working a man and van organization or a full team of removal specialists, they are the first party you need to speak to. Last minute delays and holdups are inevitable if you do not have everything sorted and planned out down to every last detail well in advance. You really cannot expect people to simply fall into line with your ideas and visions: you have to explain each and every point to them.

All the details, from the date and the time of the moving to how you would like everything to be packed and handled, have to be discussed with the team. Also, details such as payment, contract information and insurance covers need to be discussed and agreed upon well in advance. These are the kind of issues that can crop up later and trip up the whole process.

Call the team at least three days before the moving day and then on the eve of the moving day to confirm the timing and check if everything is ready to go as planned. You might even want to call them an hour before their scheduled arrival to check if they are on their way. While proper professionals will not let you down, and you might feel a little awkward calling again and again, it's better to keep things on track by making an extra effort than getting caught unawares later.

The next way to avoiding delays is to make a clear schedule and sticking to it. A deadline will help you stay focused and will also keep you mindful of the various tasks that you need to tackle. Ask a member of your family who isn't helping with packing and heavy lifting, perhaps one of the young ones or a senior member, to keep a track of the schedule and keep everyone on course.
Transportation delays are one of the most common problems faced by people during home removals. While getting stuck with a flat tire or being held up because of a traffic jam or blockade are unfortunate situations where you can't do much other than to wait for the problem to be fixed, you can avoid regular delays by planning your move carefully. There are particular times in the day, such as the early morning and late afternoon when there is less traffic and roads are freer. These are ideal times to move all your belongings. If you are hiring a house removals team, request them to plan their services accordingly.

Don't allow distractions to derail your plan. When you have a lot of things going on, it is almost instinctive to look for ways out of the tough situation. Nobody blames you for wanting to take a moment or two off. And often, little tasks and ideas will come up that are seemingly crucial to the moving process but will actually only serve to waste your time. Instead of getting caught up in new ventures at the last minute, stick to your checklist.

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