imageThousands Reasons Why You Need a Moving Checklist

Thousands Reasons Why You Need a Moving Checklist

09Feb 2010

To have a checklist when you move will never fail to do the trick. There will be times that you will forget about your brilliant ideas but it will be a good thing because you remember you have written them. Your checklist will serve as your reminder when the time comes you are too busy fighting the stress and exhaustion caused by the move.
What should your moving checklist contain? It contains your objectives, your procedures on how to accomplish things, and a monitor sheet that tells how the move is progressing. Other detailed contents that your checklist should have are:
- What to do about your change of address form
- Inform the banks, school, and other institutions about your new address
- Settle your unpaid utility bills for once
- Write a formal notice to your landlord
- Make schedule about your new utility providers
- Contact your vet and consult about your pet
- Hire a baby-sitter who will take care of your children
- Shop for packing material supply
Remember, even simple things matter, so you need to include them on your checklist as well. It pays to be so detailed during moving times.

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