imageThings to Do After You've Moved House

Things to Do After You've Moved House

25Aug 2012

The excitement of moving house, mixed with the stress and the hassle are what make the whole experience so memorable. What the families look forward to is settling down at their new home, arranging their things, feeling at home again. However, this blissful moment can only come after months of preparation, doing a checklist, long and tiresome packing, transportation and unpacking. Once the family arrives at the new place, they are usually so tired that they feel like they have no energy to start with the unpacking straightaway. Feeling at lost and asking the question: "Where do we start from?" are common and normal. No move is perfect and no property either. You may start noticing things about the new place that you don't like that much, or you might really miss your old home, but whatever you feel, the unpacking and settling down must begin. The maintenance of the new home is a straightforward process. If you've been smart, your boxes will be properly labeled and positioned and your furniture will be at its right place. Make sure after you unpack and unwrap to clean all the furniture. After you do that do a full home inspection, even if you have done that when you bought or rented the place. If you notice any issues contact the former owner or the broker. If there are items left in the home decide which you could keep and which you don't need. If you notice any pressing matters it's best to deal with them before you settle down completely, as postponing may only cause a bigger problem in the future. Small repairs are inevitable, so deal with these before you set up your bed. Connect all the big appliances: fridge, washing machine, cooker, dishwasher, air-conditioning, freezer, but avoid using them during the next 24 hours, as they will need some time to adjust to the room temperature. Set up the bathroom and the kitchen first, and only after that deal with the bedrooms and living room. If you have small children send them to sleep or ask them to help with small tasks: to arrange their toys, comic books and take out their clothes from the boxes. As long as they are not standing on the way of the furniture, there is nothing to worry about. If you have pets, keep them in one of the rooms to avoid agitating them. Leave the garden and the outdoors for later on. Keep in mind that no matter how pretty the interior looks like after your renovation, it's the inner systems in the house that matter more: problems with insulation and electricity, moisture issues, pests, plumbing issues, leaking roof, issues in the garden- these can be serious matters, so deal with them. Don't rush the process of unpacking even if you have to go straight to work. You are setting your new home so make it look its best. If you feel that you need to repaint the rooms or the outside, then do it while you have all the eagerness of the move. Only after you are ready you can invite your friends or family and celebrate your new home. Try to bond with the neighbors, ask about the area and organize a barbeque.

Being social is important - after all this is your new home and neighborhood now, so you might as well try and connect with the people around you. Your new home is all about the function and then the appeal. Make sure it is safe and then you can start polishing each and every bit of it.

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