imageThings to Consider before Moving Interstate

Things to Consider before Moving Interstate

23Nov 2009

Moving interstate is much more harder than just moving across town. It's also quite expensive to do so. So before even making the commitment to move, it's much safer to check and consider all aspects first.
Among your concerns would be your job and your living expenses. You're lucky if your move is sponsored by your company. If you're being transferred to a new state, your company may pay for the moving expenses. They may even pay for the procurement of a new house and the other expenses associated with it. On top of that you are already assured of an income. You would then be able to have a budget for your daily living expenses. You would have to check whether your income would be enough though. Some states have expensive utilities or food may be expensive. Taxes could be expensive too. You have to research all of these things before moving.
If you have children you would have to check the quality of  education in the state. If you plan to enroll your children in privates schools you would have to consider the tuition fees too.
On the other hand if you are a retiree, you would have to consider if there are relatives close by. Of course, the weather is a very important factor since senior citizens can no longer withstand intense cold or hot weathers. And you would have to assess how you are going to accomplish the move in your situaion especially if you are alone.
In the end, you will have to assess whether your finances can support your move and whether it is convenient for you to live in the new state.

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