imageThe Things To Do After Your Move To Tooting

The Things To Do After Your Move To Tooting

22Mar 2013

Congratulations on your successful house move to Tooting in London. Now you must get ready for the hardest part, which is settling down, unpacking and turning an empty house into a real home. As exciting as this stage of the relocation is, it is also completely exhausting, often it can get expensive and quite stressful. Every family wants to be done with the unpacking in no time, so they can explore their new neighborhood, walk around the city, do something together as a family and have a lovely time. Adapting to a completely new home and surroundings is hard enough, but when you have an entire house full of cardboard boxes waiting to be unpacked by you, the challenge becomes tougher. There are many things that you need to be prepared to do straight after the relocation. Here are the top ones.•    Get some energy: In order to be able to unpack and arrange your home you need some energy, especially if you’ve been travelling for a while to the new place. Have a meal with your family and then assemble the beds. You will need some sleep if you want to survive the first days after the move and actually be productive.•    Check for damage: If you’ve used a removals company to transport your belongings in a moving truck, then you need to make sure everything has arrived safely. If there is any damage, you should make a complaint so you can use the moving insurance. Open the boxes with china, glassware, artwork, electronics, the TV set and other valuable and fragile items. Even minor scratches on their surface can be a problem, so don’t overlook anything.•    Unpack the essentials: Start by unpacking the boxes or bags with each member of the family’s essential items for the first days after the move.•    Contact utility companies: If there is a problem with any utility at home you need to make a phone call to the company to sort it out. Gas, cable, telephone, heating, Internet should be running well.•    Clean thoroughly: After you have assembled the beds and put the mattresses and linen on them, make sure you clean the bedrooms. There will probably be an excessive amount of dust and dirt throughout the unpacking process.•    Call relatives and friends: Don’t forget the ones you’ve left behind. Call your relatives and friends to let them know you’ve arrived safely and everything is fine.•    Go shopping: The quicker you get back to your familiar routine, the easier it will be to adapt to the changes. Go to the local grocery store and buy food you can cook at home. It can be pricy to eat out every day, just because your kitchen isn’t fully unpacked.•    Pay: If you have to transfer payment to the removals company, do it soon after the move, so you don’t get an interest fee for the delay.•    Explore: Take the time to explore the neighborhood only after you’ve unpacked more or less everything you need at home to have a normal daily life. •    Go to your children’s school: If your children need to go straight to school after the relocation, make sure that you go with them so they can meet their new teachers and you can discuss assignments and anything you need to buy.

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