imageThe Things to Do a Week before Moving Day

The Things to Do a Week before Moving Day

09Nov 2012

Every house move is a big challenge. If you've never undergone a move before you have no idea what you are up against. If you have, you may be dreading it, imagining all the things that could go wrong before and on moving day. You might be surprised to find out that you can save time, money and lower the levels of stress for everyone if you simply follow a few easy rules and tips. Every house move is tough and tiresome, but being organised makes everything much easier and quicker. If you write up a good checklist and manage to follow it, you will be ready to go when the removals team arrive with the moving truck. Here are the things you need to do about a week before the day of the relocation.

•    Get your children to pack their own rooms. If you have small little children you can still let them help a bit. It will make them feel useful and this can be good for them as they will need some time to adapt to the changes. If you are dealing with teenagers, things can be a lot tougher. Allow them to organise a goodbye party gathering where they can meet their friends and say a proper goodbye. This will mean a lot to them and they will feel better about it. Ask them to pack their essentials last, in a separate bag or box and label them. Allow them enough privacy and provide them with enough packing materials and moving boxes.

•    Call utility companies to remind them of the cancellation of the services to your house. Sort out any changes you wish to make. If you relocating locally, you can arrange a reconnection and provide them with your new address.

•    Check the route to the new house or flat again, just to be extra sure. If you need to stay overnight on the road, call the hotel and confirm your booking.

•    If you are packing and moving the furniture pieces and your main appliances on your own, call a few friends and ask them for their help. If you have already done this at an earlier stage and they have agreed to help you, do consider that they might've forgotten about the arranged date so make sure that you remind them.

•    Sort out all of your paperwork in a separate folder and keep it safe: certificates, diplomas, medical and dental records, pet's veterinary records, bank statements, personal documents. This folder should travel in your own vehicle with you, never pack them on the removals truck. The same applies to valuables and antiques. Think about the available space in your car and try to arrange everything inside to check if it fits. This will save you any last-minute rushing and delays when you come to relocate.

•    Start using up the food and perishables that you cannot take with you. As you will need to empty the fridge and freezer about a day prior to the relocating. You will need to make sure it's completely cleaned and dried out before it gets loaded on to the removals truck.

About a week before moving day is when it can begin to get really hectic and you need to make sure everyone around the house knows what they are doing. Keep track of the inventory and the packing process and try not to get too stressed out.

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