imageThe Real Meaning behind Removals Quotations

The Real Meaning behind Removals Quotations

21Sep 2009

Removals companies know the value and significance of quotations. One way of looking at the legitimacy of a certain removal company is the quotation it provides to its clients. If their quotation is binding, the customers are lucky enough to deal with a real and licensed provider. But if a company offers a lot of details and even requires you to make initial payments and advances to their services, then this is the time that a client should think twice.
It is a company rule or protocol to ask for property inventory list from their clients and to provide the client with property insurance, too. The list will not only provide physical information (weight, size, shape, etc.) about the properties but the costs that the client will pay for such service.
In some cases, most company offer various estimates, but the bottom line is that a reputable and licensed company only provides binding estimate. Otherwise, the company is hiding something from the client like additional services and extra fees that will be reflected in the final receipt-this shouldn't be the case after all. Because there are companies that deliberately underestimate the quotation to lure clients but sadly at the clients' expense.

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