imageThe Proper Way to Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Paintings

The Proper Way to Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Paintings

05Nov 2009

Every single thing in your house needs a special packing treatment. Your furniture pieces, for instance, need to be disassembled and wrapped with bubble wraps. Same with your paintings, mirrors, and pictures, you also need to do a special packing treatment for all these things. Here are some tips on how you can do that:
   Pack the mirror, picture frames, and paintings in their original boxes. If one box is big enough, then maybe two frames, mirrors, or paintings can fit in there.
   Wrap these things individually with a paper of bubble wrap. You should do this even if you will put two items in one box.
   Disassemble things is possible. If the mirror can be disassembled from its frame, then better do that before you wrap the individual pieces with paper or bubble wraps. Paintings can be disassembled but that might only ruin the piece of art.
   For two mirrors to be packed in one box, make sure that the back of each mirrors are facing each other. That will prevent any damages on the reflecting side.
   If original boxes are not available, better use cardboards.
   Place cushions on the bottom of the box where you will place the mirrors. The key here is to avoid any possible movement of the breakable items inside the box.
Simply follow these tips and you can be rest assured that your precious pictures, mirrors, and paintings are safe for the moving.

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