imageThe Most Important Benefits of Renting Office Space

The Most Important Benefits of Renting Office Space

13Jun 2012

It is a fact nowadays that leasing office space has slowly but undoubtedly  become a step, considered necessary by anyone who wishes to be accepted seriously as a business owner. It may seem odd, but thousands of freelancers around the world choose to rent an office space, instead of working from home. It is easy to conclude that renting an office is an important factor in starting up or growing a business. However, there are quite a few people out there who think it's a waste of money to rent an office, when you can simply continue to work at home. Just because you can work only from home, doesn't mean that you should do it, though. Here are the biggest benefits of renting office space which can change the mind of most skeptics.
It Looks Professional!

Imagine the following situation. You are comfortably seated in your office in the centre of town when a client rings you. He tells you he is in front of your office building, so you invite him for a discussion of a deal. The client will pay attention to everything - from the building and how kind the secretary is, to the waiting room, your office and the furniture. A pleased client will be easier to work with at any time. By renting an office space you are actually investing in professionalism and what can be a greater benefit than that?

The Convenience Factor
It is much more comfortableto have an office where you can do all the work and also have enough space to hire a team. Working from home inevitably leads to many distractions, as well as problems. This usually means that your work is constantly present, which will affect your private life. If you have an office, at the end of the work day you can simply leave the work on your desk and go and relax. This is too hard to do at home and either brings stress and frustration or leads to work which is not well done.

Getting Out of the House
Most freelancers often spend days and nights without leaving the house, being too concentrated on their current projects. This often makes them a bit antisocial or leads to losing sight of the outside world. Renting an office will ensure that you leave the house every day and get some fresh air at least. This will result in you feeling better and therefore working much more efficiently.
Raising Productivity Levels

When you rent an office space, you begin a more professional stage of your career. This means that you switch to this professional level of work, where everything you do is a representation of you, your business and your goals. This automatically makes you more productive and gives a great example to your team. Forget about the myth that leasing an office space is a waste of money and too hard to maintain. Invest in a great office and you will see your business develop naturally, attracting more and more clients. You won't be afraid to advertise your business or put the address on your website. After all, this will mean you are inviting clients to your office or meeting room, not to your family house, where you reside with your family and pets.

If you want to be accepted professionally, act professionally - the easiest way to do that is by starting with renting an office space, decorating it so that it represents your business and enjoying the benefits from it.

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