imageThe ABC's of Packing

The ABC's of Packing

05Dec 2009

The biggest challenge in moving out that most movers claim is the packing of the house things.  Not only that packing will take intelligent planning on how to do it but also efficient management of resources such as time and money.
One of the best ways to combat the overwhelming tasks in packing is to get back to the basics.  Refreshing one's memory about the basics of packing can greatly help.  Below would be the best way to get back to your packing basics:
Always prepare extra packing boxes when you start loading things to the box.  In some instances, miscalculation on boxes to be used can result into maximizing current boxes which can lead to overweight boxes.  Make sure that every box that you use for heavy things is supported with strong packing tape.  The packing tape will reinforce stronger bottom part of the box thus allowing more weight to be carried.  When you pad your house things, make sure that you use clean and preferably white colored crumpled paper in order avoid staining the household stuff.
So, you think that packing is really difficult?  Should you fee it that way, getting to basics is the best solution to enforce. 

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