imageTaking Care of Your Computer as You Move

Taking Care of Your Computer as You Move

13Oct 2009

You don't simply entrust your personal computer to anybody when you move. In fact, of all the properties you have, you put extra care to your computer because you value it too much. Your computer carries important file and personal documents that can cost you more than anything else. To make sure that your computer is properly protected, including all the files and data it contains; create a back up. Backup disks should be stored using your original program disks and place it in a very secure safe. The hard disk drive should also be protected and no DVD, diskettes, or CD should be in it when you pack it. After using your computer, properly shut it down. Don't directly unplug it from peripheral devices. After which, carefully disconnect the monitor from the CPU, and the CPU from printer, scanner, and other computer peripherals before packing it. When you do the packing, use its original box and if possible get Styrofoam and other packing materials needed in holding and protecting the computer firmly. Each of the peripheral such as the monitor, CPU, and printer should be separately placed in their appropriate boxes. This way, they will perfectly fit inside and prevent them from breakage.  

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