imageTake Care of Your Plants While on the Move

Take Care of Your Plants While on the Move

24Sep 2010

Even if plants don't complain, they need to be cared for properly during the move. If you consider it just like any other stuff from home, you will end up causing harm to the plants. Hence, a special attention is needed in terms of moving the plants to a new location. Here are some tips to help you during situations like this:
    Inform the movers about the plants. Long before the day of the move, inform the movers about the number and types of plants that are subject for moving. It is important that the movers are well aware of this so that they can plan the shipment properly for the benefit of the plants.
    Consider airfreight regulations. If the plants will be shipped using an airfreight, contact the airline company first. Most airlines have strict rules when it comes to transporting plants. Hence, better know the rules a few days before the move so you can check out for options.
    Pack the plants carefully. Since plants are not covered by any kind of insurance, it is important that you pack them nicely and carefully. This is true also because of the fact that plants cannot be stacked right on top of each other.
It is very important that your plants are moved to your new home with care. Take note that a single mistake can put an end to the lives of your plants that you have cared for so long. Therefore, always prepare for the moving day for the optimum advantage of your plants.

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