imageSurviving an Office Relocation

Surviving an Office Relocation

22Aug 2012

An office move can turn into a nightmare much more easily than those who have never experienced it could imagine. Whether you are moving five hundred kilometers or five kilometers away, it doesn't really matter. What is most important is systematic preparation. Read below to learn how to survive an office relocation.

Here are the important issues to be addressed when planning your corporative move.

The budget
Whether you are a very experienced businessperson or just starting out, you surely know that every undertaking begins and ends and depends entirely on a single, very important document. First set the example budget, then define the budget frame and do everything you can to stay within. When deciding upon the budget, be realistic - aim for the best services, as long as they are within your means.

The plan
You are probably familiar with how to make a working business plan, right? So you already know the purpose of it. Bear in mind the golden rule of office relocations: act like a professional and hire professionals. Do some thorough research and obtain offers from several different moving companies. It's better if you stick to companies which specialise in corporative relocations. Upon signing the moving contract consider the fact that in this field bigger investments in the moving service are always paid back by the quality and quantity of the service. Even if your company is rather small, and the relocation is not a huge one, don't try carrying it out by yourself, unless you are in a really desperate situation.

The furnishings
Decide if you will keep all or almost all the furniture from the previous office, or if you will buy everything new. The latter can be the cheaper option, considering the time, trouble and energy you will be spared, plus the money you will receive from selling the old furniture. Don't underestimate the size of the undertaking of getting all the old furniture and appliances into the new place! If you still want to try, ask the moving company to produce several furniture layout plans to choose from.

The equipment
Discuss repeatedly with the IT department how to prepare and carry out the relocation of the computers, scanners, copiers, telephones, faxes and everything else. Pay special attention to the quick and safe relocation of the computer server and the telephone exchange unit. Make sure everything is ready for connection in advance - for electricity, telephone and Internet.

The archive
A relocation is the best reason to finally put some order into your company's paper archive. Sort carefully through all those old documents and folders, and send everything that cannot be used anymore for recycling. If the company can afford it, it's a great idea to put some money and people on the task of digitizing the entire archive. If so, you should start with the task at least two months in advance, and pay special attention to the software you will use.

The announcement
Order everything with the new address at least a month in advance - business cards, company letterhead, signs on billboards, on company vehicles and so on, and have the old items fully replaced by moving day. Prepare and send both regular mail and e-mail announcements with your new contact info to every business partner, sub-contactor and so on. Notify the phone company, the publishers of local, national and international yellow pages and other business catalogues of your new address. It would be a nice gesture to call every major client and explain that you are relocating and how to reach you now.

If you paid enough attention so far, you must have noticed that a corporate relocation isn't much different from any other corporate initiative, not at all.

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