imageSure Ways to Save Money When Moving to Your Retirement Home

Sure Ways to Save Money When Moving to Your Retirement Home

18Dec 2009

You have been living in the house that was provided by your company for a long time and now the time has come for retirement. Even though there are a lot of memories associated with your old home, you are all set to leave them behind and head on to your retirement home. As exciting it may sound, you need to prepare for moving to your retirement home.
Here are sure ways to save money when moving to your new home after retirement:
1. Find a reputable moving company
Seek advice from your friends, relatives and co-workers to help you decide on a moving company. You can also research online for a reliable moving company. Keep in mind that some companies may charge on hourly basis and if the shifting process takes more than the estimated time, you will end up paying more.
2. Move at the right time.
A lot of people relocate during the summer time or weekends. Hence, they may charge extra during the peak season.
3. Cancel services
There is a high possibility of getting charged for local subscriptions for which you had subscribed for such as monthly magasines even after shifting to a new place. Hence, you need to cancel all the subscriptions three to six months before shifting.
4. Packing your valuable items safely
You can arrange packing boxes on your own to save money whilst shifting. You can pack your valuable and delicate belongings by your self but allow a removal company to pack the rest of your things. This way, the moving company will be financially responsible if there is any occurrence of damage during transport. Hence, you need to also make sure that the moving company provides an insurance coverage for lost and damaged belongings.
5. Truck size
Depending upon the amount of belongings you have, you should choose accordingly an adequately sized truck for transporting your items. You should aim to transport all your belongings on one travel rather than several rounds of travel which will mean spending more money.

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