imageStudent Removal Guide

Student Removal Guide

05Jan 2013

So that time has finally arrived. No more are you reliant on your parents. No more curfews, chores and rules. That’s right, University offers a lot more than just an education. It also gives you the opportunity to live the life of an independent adult. That means handling your own life, finances and making your own decisions. One of the biggest decisions to make is deciding whether to remain a resident at your current home, or to move away. Assuming that you have decided to move out of your family home and start your independent journey, there are some things to consider. Firstly, when it comes to student moving, you need to know where you will be moving to. Many students decide to move to University Halls of Residence. However, private renting is also an option. This is important in influencing your move. University Halls of Residence will have considerably smaller rooms than private houses. This will influence how many possessions you will be able to take with you. The bigger the house and your room, the more you will be able to take with you. So what should you be taking with you? After having roughly determined how much space you will have at your new place, it is time to pack. Before you start anything, make a list of strict essentials that you’re going to need at University. This includes stationary, toiletries and clothing amongst other things. Avoid packing ornaments, decorations and other unnecessary items, since it will only take up too much space, and make carrying everything a pain. It is suggested that your essentials should occupy 2 suitcases only, which can easily be transported to your destination, should it be in the car, or train. The remaining items can be delivered to your new home via a few different methods. Remaining items should be packed into cardboard boxes and sealed using tape. Boxes should neither be over packed, nor under packed. All boxes should be labelled appropriately, to make unpacking easier for you. It is also more convenient to keep like things together e.g. kitchen utensils and dishes should be kept in the same box. The ideal scenario for any student is to get a little helping hand from parents. Most parents offer their personal delivery services. Yours may do so too, and will then bring any extra items to your new home. However, in the case where parents may not drive, or may not be able to move your possessions, there are other options. You may wish to have your items shipped using a postal service. However, depending on the amount and size of packages, postage charges may be more than you would like to spend. Hiring a “Man in a Van” is an effective option by which you can transport your items from one place to another. Nearly every city offers this service, and it comes at a reasonable price. Drivers are flexible to your dates and times, which often is the selling point since you are in control. If a man in a van doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are many other removal companies which offer excellent services at reasonable prices. As students, bargain hunting will come naturally to you. Before you decide on a service via which to have all your possessions transported, you may wish to get a few quotes. Most companies offer free quotes, with no obligation to buy. Starting your life as a student and moving to a new home is a very exciting time in anyone’s life. With packing and transportation sorted, you now have less to worry about.

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