imageShrink Wrap - The Ideal Packing Material

Shrink Wrap - The Ideal Packing Material

04Jun 2012

Nowadays, when it comes to good packing, shrink wrap is considered one of the best packing materials on the market. It is an extremely versatile material with multiple uses. One can use shrink wrap to pack literally anything - from a box of food to medicine. Shrink wrap has gained popularity fast for a few reasons. If you compare shrink wrap to other packing materials available you simply realize that it offers everything you need. Shrink wrapping is made through a series of different processes and it depends on the purpose. The type of shrink wrap film is based on the content you want to wrap. Often shrink wrap is used only for added protection to the item. In other cases it is used solely for making a product appear more appealing visually. Other uses include wrapping an item air tight or wrapping an item which otherwise would disassemble. The item and material for wrapping determine the choice of material. One's choice of packing material is often based on the strength of the material. Another factor is the material's durability and how long it can keep an item together and intact. Once you purchase the type of shrink wrap that suits your needs it's time to wrap your items. Using shrink wrap requires the right equipment in order to wrap easily and with precision. There are two tools you need when wrapping with shrink wrap: the first tool is used for cutting the wrap and the other one is a source of heat, which shapes and seals the wrapping in place. It is advisable to have the proper equipment for better results, but if you don't you can use ordinary scissors and a hair dryer. The most important part of good wrapping is sealing the goods. If the sealing is good the packaging will be stronger. When you shrink the wrapping keep your hand over the surface to keep the wrapping even. You have to apply the heat over the whole surface to have a uniform shrinkage. The whole idea of using shrink wrap is to make sure it sticks to the item properly and protects it. For this purpose you can use a heat gun. Shrink wrap is a very reliable material, used for a variety of purposes: wrapping CDs and DVDs, wrapping furniture for delivery, food wrapping, medicine wrapping and many more. You can choose between two types of shrink film - PVC and polyolefin. PVC is the older type which most people are familiar with. It is very durable, affordable, comes in a variety of roll sizes and is mainly used for wrapping CDs and DVSs. Polyolefin is a newer type and has already become the most used type of packing material, favored for it extreme durability and preferred for wrapping food. It is also more expensive than PVC, but it is worth the cost. Shrink wrap can be used for wrapping literally anything - you can wrap your goods in a self-storage for long-term storing. Shrink wrap is also great for wrapping bulkier items for long-distance shipping. It is even used for wrapping houses after natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados which tear houses' roofs or windows. That is how strong and efficient shrink wrap is. For packing items for relocation you can easily purchase shrink wrap for a nearby store and do the whole process yourself. You can be sure that shrink wrap is the right material to use for best protection and strength of the packaging.

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