imageSelling your home: an easy guide

Selling your home: an easy guide

07Feb 2013

If you're planning a move that isn't out of your parents' house, then you've got to find a way to sell. Your home at least has to be on the market before you go house hunting. Now, I know that the house market isn't at its best right now, but there's still a few things you can do to help the process along.Make sure your house can sell itselfWhat I mean by this, is that the house has to be well presented. Give it a good clean, I don't mean a quick tidy up either, scrub every nook and cranny until it shines. Hire a cleaner for the day if you have to, just get rid of every bit of dirt, dust and grease. You shouldn't expect every buyer to be checking behind the fridge for the tiniest speck, but you can never be too careful.Be meticulous with the repair jobs as well. Give any faded walls a fresh coat of paint, and replace any frayed or dirty wallpaper. Do these jobs far in advance though, you don't want any buyers to be put off by that fresh wet paint or wall plastering smell. Replace any loose skirting boards, gutterings – even the light bulbs. You need to give your house every possible chance to shine by itself.That being said, advertising is importantDon't let the house do all the advertising for you – it's the centre attraction sure, but now you've just got to get the people in. Start taking photos of both the inside and the outside of the house, and make sure they're flattering – not too much light so it dazzles the viewer, but not so little that you can't see anything. Take a large batch of photos, but only keep the ones that reflect the property in a positive light. If you don't feel confident in taking the right pictures, hiring a professional photographer isn't out of the question – just keep that in mind.A good advert also needs words to compliment the photos. Start with a simple description of the houses location and features; such as 'Sutton based, three bedroomed, semi-detached house for sale...', but then jazz it up a bit. Use words like 'well furnished', but don't make every other word an adjective. Keep it simple, but engaging.The price has to be rightYou need to be sure that the property is advertised with the right price. If it's too high, people will carry on looking, if it's too low, then some may treat the advert with suspicion. To get the best balance, have a look around the market yourself, find the houses nearby that have similar features, and put the price in line with them. Perhaps offer a discount if you want a quick sale, though do be aware that a competent buyer will try to haggle on the sticker price anyway.And for the final touches...If anyone books a house viewing, grab your final chance to win them over. If it's not too windy of a day, open the windows to let fresh air circulate around the premises – this will fill the place with clean air, and make the viewing a more welcoming experience. And be sure to allow them to see the property on their own time, remember what I was saying about letting the house advertise itself? This is where it has its chance to shine. If the potential buyer feels the house if for them, having a good, private look around is the best way to be enlightened.

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