imageSecuring Books for Storing or Moving

Securing Books for Storing or Moving

25Mar 2010

It is true that you don't have to judge books by their covers. However, when your collections' covers start to get wrinkled and ripped, it becomes a different story. Hence, you must be very careful when moving or storing these precious possessions.
The very first thing you need for packing books with care is the box. You must have a sturdy box so that it can support the weight of all the books. Tape the flaps at the bottom of the box tightly to ensure that the books will be secured.
When it is time to arrange the books, you must divide them into two groups. The first one is the hard-backed or heavy books while the other is the soft-backed or light books. Then, arrange each group of book in different boxes. Make sure that they are positioned standing upright and packed tightly inside the box. If you see any empty space, you may fill it with bubble wraps to avoid shifting.
Once done, you can place a packet of silica gel inside the box before closing it off completely. Label the box either with the contents or the room where it needs to go. In the end, if you make sure you follow these packing tips, your books will always be in good condition despite being packed in a box for some period of time.

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