imageSafe Ways of Moving Cabinets and Armoires

Safe Ways of Moving Cabinets and Armoires

10Oct 2009

Even sturdy home items also need careful attention when moved. The perfect examples of these are cabinets and armoires. Obviously, careful considerations should be given to these items as well to spare them from any possible damage like scratches.
The following lists will discuss the ways on how you can give out more care to these sturdy yet delicate items:
  Take out all the impermanent parts of cabinets and armoires. Examples of these are their shelves and drawers that may slide off when lifted and moved. Sometimes, these items may also contain glass doors. To keep them safe from damage, you should take off these detachable parts and place them in a safer packaging. 
  You can also use shrink wrap to protect the doors and drawers.  Shrink wrap is proven effective when it comes to sealing the entire piece of furniture to spare it from accumulating any damage. You can also use packing tape to lock up the doors and drawers but remember not to use adhesive tape since it may cause stain to the materials.
  Use furniture padding, which is actually a standard way when moving furniture. This significantly protects edges and corners of the furniture from scratches and chips.
So as you will see, you should not let the bulky items left uncared and unprotected. Maintain the value of all your furniture-be it small or massive.

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