imageRule Number 1: Think of the Welfare of Your Dog

Rule Number 1: Think of the Welfare of Your Dog

25Aug 2010

Be kind to your dog when you move. Give no room for troubles and problems by doing the necessary preparations and arrangements.   Changes are sometimes hard to handle especially to dogs. So, they must be conditioned first so that they will not feel about the changes. Bring your dog to your vet. The vet will teach you about the things you need to do in case your dog act weird during the move. The vet will also give you prescriptions if your dog becomes ill during the move.   But, if your dog can't make it, it will be best to send it first to an animal shelter and then you can get your dog back once the move is done. Sure, your dog will feel the changes but it will not be a big deal since your dog has adjusted to a new environment, in the animal shelter.   However, you don't know whether or not your dog can manage the travel period. So, consult your vet about the best thing you can do. But usually if dogs are given the proper adjustment period and they are provided with the right supplies like drinks and food and toys, you will have few worries about the welfare of your dog.

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