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Removals Vans

27Jul 2009

Removals Vans: The Right Size for the Right Price Hiring removals companies requires money. The larger the removals van you hire the more it costs as well. So it’s only imperative that you hire the right size in order not to waste money and to save money too. It helps to get a good idea about the amount of things you need to transport. It would also help to discard some of your things that are easily replaceable. This way, you would need to bring fewer things. There would be less to pack and less to unpack. It would be easier on you and on your pocket. It would help to ask some suggestions from friends who have experience in moving and hiring removals vans. The removals companies would also have a good idea so you can ask their advice on the matter as well. Do as much research on the different sizes of removals vans and their rental prices. Rates may vary so get quotes from more than one company. A reasonable rate for a light van that’s about 250 cubic feet, for example, is £165. But you will be provided with two men to help you. A 500 cubic feet medium-sized van would cost around £300. Also included are the services of two movers. This is the appropriate size when moving from a 1-small bedroom flat where moving can be done in three hours. Larger-sized vans are also available for moving to and fro larger properties when you would need to bring more things. Again, the rates go up with the van sizes. More men may also be provided depending on the company.

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