imageYour Top To-Do-Things during a Move Out

Your Top To-Do-Things during a Move Out

14Aug 2011

During a move out, your mind is basically overwhelmed with a lot of things to do that more often you tend to overlook some of the more important and highly prioritized things that must be done.  Below would be the top to-do-things during a move out:

a.    Notify all the important people about the move out so that they can change or update their contact details.  These people may be your company boss, your family, of course, your friends, and relatives. They need to be well informed about the entire moving out days before the moving out day.
b.    Make sure that all your utility company services are also properly oriented about the moving out.  You will need to settle all your balances and arrears with them to avoid future legal problems with them.  Make sure, too, that you cancel your subscription to them weeks before the actual moving out day.  
c.    Days before the moving out day, you need to make a confirmation with your removal company about the details of the move out.  Sometimes, they too, get messed up and intertwined with scheduling.  

These must be on top of your to-do-things list as this can entirely ruin the idea of a successful and hassle-free moving out day.

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