imageReasons Why You should Move to the Country

Reasons Why You should Move to the Country

01Sep 2009

Reasons Why You should Move to the Country Today, moving out of the country seems to be the latest trend. However, there are reasons why you should move in the country. If you are tired of living in the city, moving to the country is the best idea. Here are some benefits why you need to move to the country.    If you move in the country, you get to enjoy the fresh air. The city's air seems to be polluted enough from the toxins that most factories and vehicle omit. This is the reason that the air in the country is fresher and cleaner. The country has lesser traffic. Since there are fewer people in the country, you do not have to be annoyed or angry in the road unlike in the city where you fight your way in the lane. You will get to enjoy the wildlife if you will go to the country. You'll get to enjoy tall trees surrounding your house, the green scenery, even a deer becomes a common thing to see in front of your backyard. You will enjoy sleeping in front of your porch because of the tall trees that seem to be from the Jurassic park the movie. Trees and forests in the country are still on their natural state that you get to enjoy. You will get to enjoy a slower pace lifestyle. If you are tired in a fast paced lifestyle in the city, you will get to enjoy the lifestyle in the country where people are not in a rush. The lifestyle in the country seems to have a slower pace. People in the country are a lot friendlier. Everyone greets to each other and everyone seems to say 'hello' to everyone. You will have more time to see and meet your friends in the country. Living in the country seems to be very simple. You will be surprised on how cheap the prices here in terms of food, water, electricity, etc. You can even get a bigger house with more land for the value of your money.     You can get a garden of your own. With more land, you will get to have your own backyard where you can enjoy growing your own plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruit bearing trees. So, there seems to have a lot of reasons why living in the country seems a reasonable idea. The country seems to be the best place to stay over an over crowded city.

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