imageQuick and Easy Packing Tips to Follow

Quick and Easy Packing Tips to Follow

23Mar 2011

Packing can be daunting to most people. But you only need to follow certain basic steps to accomplish packing properly. For instance, you should buy all necessary packing materials first before you start packing. To estimate the packing materials needed, you should even sort your things first to know which things you will bring and pack. You should look for sturdy boxes. It is essential that you seal the bottom and top sides of the boxes well so things will not fall off. You should limit the weight of the boxes to 50 pounds so it will be easier to lift. For instance, heavy items like books and CDs should be packed in smaller boxes or packed with lightweight items so it would be easier carry during transportation. When packing the boxes you should make sure that the items have sufficient cushion. They should not rattle or shift inside. The boxes should not bend inwards or outwards either. Drawers should be emptied especially when it makes the drawers extra heavy. If the contents are lightweight, they may be left inside too. The drawers should be secured before the move though. China and other breakables need to be wrapped individually to avoid scratches and other damages. In addition to that, 2 to 3 inches of crushed paper is required as cushion as well.

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