imageProbable Jobs When Moving to Sussex

Probable Jobs When Moving to Sussex

30Dec 2009

Sussex is a county situated in South East England. If you are planning to move to this part of England, ensure that you can get a job in the area. The living expenses in Sussex like most of England are quite high. Hence you do not want to end up jobless when relocating to this place. Of course, the probable jobs that you can have in Sussex are related to its strongest industries.   Jobs offered by Sussex in the service sector   Service industries constitute majority of the economic base in Sussex. This is due to the fact that there are many tourist attractions and resorts in the area. So the probable jobs in the service industry can range from being a simple tourist guide, and hotelier to a restaurant cook and a bartender.   The clay industry is also profitable in Sussex since it is abundant in the place. Hence, if you are a skilled worker in pottery, then this is another probable job for you.     Other potential jobs in Sussex   But if you want to work in the academe as an educator, librarian, or a staff member, then it is plausible to get a job in both the University of Sussex and University of Brighton. These two educational institutions do provide a significant portion of employment in Sussex.   Other potential industries where you can get a job in Sussex are in agriculture and iron working. These two are old yet lucrative industries in the area. Hence, if you have the skills for manual tasks in these two areas, then it is very likely that you will get a job.

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