imagePreparing your EC4 area home for a viewing

Preparing your EC4 area home for a viewing

15Feb 2013

If you have decided to sell your house in the EC4 area you will need to start thinking about how to make the property into a viewable condition and the things you do to make the house the most appealing it can be to buyers. There are a number of things that you can do to make your home feel welcoming and comfortable to a buyer, the idea is that you want to make the buyer fall in love with the property and start to picture themselves living there. One of the first things you pay attention to is the outside of your property, we all know how important first impressions are, and the front of your home is what makes us most of this impression. Start with the garden and give it a good tidy up, trim your hedges, bushes and trees and mow the lawn, consider adding some colourful plants, clean any pathways and driveways so that they are clear of dirt and mud.  Once the garden is looking nice, take a step back and look at the front of the house, is there anything that a buyer might find off putting, for example are the windows or the guttering in need of a clean, could the front door do with a re-paint? You should tidy the outside of the front of your home as much as you can before you start to have viewings on the house.  On the day of any viewings you should go back outside an make sure nothing unsightly, such as litter of animal faeces have found their way into your garden. Before you start to clean your home you should give it a thorough de-cluttering, viewers want to see open spaces and little clutter, try to store away things like your personal photographs and things that belong specifically to you, make the house look more generic so that the buyer can imagine their pictures on the wall instead of yours. Go through your home room by room and pack away anything you want to take with you to your new home but don’t need, also throw away as much stuff as you can.  Remember when it comes to moving house you will pay for the amount of things that you move, so keeping things you don’t want will just cost you money. Thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom, this means cleaning every room your home has.  You should clean the floors throughout your entire home, and the ceilings, light fixtures and all of your light switches.  Wipe over all the surfaces in your home, and things like skirting board, door frames, door handles.  In your kitchen make sure you clean all of the appliances, the big ones and the small ones, make sure they are all completely clean, and when you have a viewing do not turn these things on, the noise they create is unwelcoming. Arrange the coffee table in the living room with coasters and perhaps fresh flowers to give the house a more homely feel and tidy away all personal belongings, toys and pet things.  Your home should look like it is pet free so hide away your animals bowls, beds, toys etc. and make sure the house doesn’t smell of your animal. Add fresh towels to the bathroom, matching ones if possible and clean the bathroom thoroughly in case the viewer would like to use it.  Clear the bedrooms of personal belongings and put away clothes and make all of the beds.

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