imagePractical and Useful Tips on Packing

Practical and Useful Tips on Packing

22Mar 2010

Packing can be quite tedious but it's something you have to do correctly if you want to avoid damaging your things. You have to choose the packing boxes according to the items you are packing. You also have to follow certain packing techniques to ensure the safety of your things.   For instance, dishes and ceramics are fragile so they need to be protected with at least two layers of bubble wrap before you put them inside the box. But before doing so, make sure you seal the bottom of the box too. Take note that dishes are relatively heavy so the bottom really needs to be secure. The sides of the boxes need to be lined with bubble wrap as well. You should also only use dish packing boxes as they are the sturdiest and the strongest.   On the other hand, electrical appliances are best packed in their original boxes. But then if not available, dish packing boxes would be the best alternative. Again, to protect the appliance wrap it with a couple of layers of bubble wrap. Line the box as well.   And whatever you are packing, the trick to preventing damage is to avoid shifting and shaking inside the boxes. That is why you should fill empty spaces with crumpled paper always. Seal the top of the box well too.

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