imagePlanning a Move: Do you need professional help?

Planning a Move: Do you need professional help?

10Aug 2009

Planning a Move: Do you need professional help? Asking yourself whether or not you can do a move all by yourself or if you need to hire professional moves is a common dilemma shared by many families and individuals who move. Each option has its own pros and cons, and it will be up to you to decide which system you want to use for your move. The primary advantage of doing everything yourself and / or having friends and family come to help you is cost. You save on paying movers which is a big thing. However, be prepared to find much more difficulty moving, as you and your friends are not professional movers and will be sure to be unused to the work. Also if your handling delicate items, you run the risk of damaging it (without it having insurance) as you are not experienced in handling delicate objects. If you’re going to drive yourself, there’s also the risk that your items will be damaged or lost in transit, as you are not an experienced moving driver. While a significantly pricier, hiring professional movers is the more convenient option. Good movers also have insurance that can compensate for any damage any of your items suffer while in their hands or in transit. Professional movers are also more efficient, and therefore make for a faster and smoother move. They are also experienced in all aspects of moving such as packing, driving, as well as handling of different items. Professional movers are recommended especially if you have a piano or any other delicate objects that you cannot afford to have damaged.

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